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Case studies - Domestic Bedroom

Mr C's Bedrooms

Location : Stockport, Cheshire

Bedrooms often suffer from high temperatures because of their upstairs location which is subject to high solar gain from the roof.

This was ceratinly the case in Mr C's house in Stockport. The two children's bedrooms in the attic area got too hot from spring right through to autumn.

There was also a requirement to keep the master bedroom cool at night, as the client was unable to sleep with windows open as a result of suffering from a pollen allergy.

Our solution was to install a Mitsubishi M Series multisplit system comprising three indoor units and one external unit at low level at the rear.

Carefull planning of pipework routes mean that there is no pipework or wiring on show.


high level wall mounted indoor unit in master bedroom

high level wall mounted indoor unit in second bedroom

high level wall mounted indoor unit in third bedroom

This single low level outdoor unit operates all three indoor units

Technical Details

Equipment :

1 x Mitsubishi MUX18 multisplit outdoor unit
3 x Mitsubishi MSX 07 cooling only wall mounted indoor units

Approximate cost :

£3,570.00 net excluding VAT

Click here for more technical details on the Mitsubishi M Series multisplit system.

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