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Large Organisations
the benefits of working with Celsius


Typical requirements

For large organisations, the management of air conditioning resources can be a time consuming and complex task. Premises managers and other professionals involved in the procurement and management of air conditioning need to select a contractor with the experience and resources to be able to deal with any air conditioning requirement throughout the UK.


For our clients who are Large Organisations we feel we can offer the following significant benefits:

Our Clients

Whilst we are reluctant to publish our complete clients list on the internet for obvious reasons, a random selection of a few Large Organisations who we have worked together with include:

Aerial Sites
Allied Bakeries
American Express
Arthur Anderson
Auto Windscreens
AXA Insurance
Bradford & Bingley
British Aerospace
British Airways
BUPA Healthcare
Christian Salvesen
Coral Racing
Golden West Foods
Holiday Inn
Halifax Bank
Ladbroke Racing
Rolls Royce
Royal Bank of Scotland
T & S Stores

Potential clients wanting to take up references, please contact us for more information