Celsius News Item

Celsius news release dated 5 October 2003

Mitsubishi launches new energy efficient system

PLA-RP Heat Pump R410A

Advanced inverter technology makes the Mr Slim Power Inverter the number one choice for improving comfort. They provide energy savings of up to 70% annually when compared to a previous non-inverter model! (*1) Operating noise has also been reduced thanks to improvements in fan design, while existing pipe work is reusable for easier maintenance and installation.

Reducing power consumption by 70%

The Mr Slim Power inverter system can reduce power consumption by up to 70% compared to a previously installed non-inverter model!

The use of inverter technology saves energy for two main reasons:

1. the compressor varies its speed to match the cooling or heating load and therefore consumes only the power necessary to match the exact requirement of the room.

2. When an inverter driven air conditioner is operating at partial load the energy efficiency of the system is significantly higher than at full load.

In a typical application partial load conditions prevail for more than 90% of operation time. A fixed speed system can only operate at 100% capacity and cannot match the annual efficiencies of an inverter system.

High Power Heating and Cooling

The inverter driven compressors have a high power function to deliver increased capacity at times of high demand allowing the room target temperature to be reached as rapidly as possible from start up. The additional capacity to available when compared to a conventional fixed speed R407c model is up to 33%( *2)

Wider Capacity Range and Increased Pipe length.

The inverter models can operate across an entire maximum/minimum capacity range for a given hp rating, whereas in a fixed speed machine, this range is limited to peak machine output or machine off. The 4-6hp models now also have a maximum pipe length of 75m.

Improving COP Ratings

The Mr Slim Power Inverter delivers standard setting high COPs.

3hp 3.60
4hp 3.30
5hp 3.21

An average increase of 37% over previous non-inverter R407c models.

Quiet - Technology reduces sound levels

Operation has been made near-silent (67% quieter than corresponding R22 outdoor unit (*3) as a result of improvement in the design of the fan blades and the new grille shape. The Power Inverter is even quieter at night when outside temperatures drop, as it can be set to low-noise mode (cooling only) reducing operating noise by 3dB (50% quieter than normal day mode).


(*1) Based on the following operating conditions - Place-Office on Tokyo, Japan/Operating period-Cooling; April16 to November 8. Heating;December 14 to March 23. Set Temperature-Cooling 27 degC, Heating 20 degC. Non inverter model installed eight years ago is PLH-3GKHB/PUH-3YKA. Power inverter model is PLA-RP3AA/PUHZ-RP3VHA.

(*2) Heating capacity improvement for 4HP model at nominal conditions.

(*3) When comparing the Power Inverter (PUHZ-RP3VHA) with R22 (PUH3-VKA) in cooling.