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Budget Prices

We can quickly give clients budget prices during normal working hours.

Out of working hours it may be necessary for clients to estimate the costs for budget purposes.

A very approximate guide to costs is shown in following table:

Application Installed Price excluding VAT (/m 2) Notes
Small cellular offices 16m2 - 30m2 90 individual split systems with max. pipe runs of 15m
Open plan offices 60m2 - 400m2 60 individual split systems with max. pipe runs of 40m
Large areas which require multiple VRV systems (200m2 - 5,000m2) 90 - 130 dependant on conditions multi split systems - one outdoor unit for every ten indoor units. Simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery. Pipe runs up to 200m

The above table is based on the following assumptions :
average floor to ceiling height 2.4m - average building fabric cooling/heating loads - average people and heat emitting office equipment densities - please note that additional mechanical ventilation may be required at up to 20/m2

If you have any requests for other information which you feel may be useful please do not hesitate to email us with your suggestions.