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Reference Section - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply portable air conditioners ?

Just one - Portable units are a quick remedy to a localised heat problem. Many portable air conditioners are more costly than fixed systems, which are usually much more effective in cooling performance Most fixed systems will also provide heating. Many people who purchase or hire portable air conditioners end up buying a fixed system. However for 2005 we have secured a supply of powerful portables which actually work - click here for more information.

What about 'Celsius' brand air conditioners?

We have no connection with any Celsius branded air conditioning unit, although we do understand that some small portable units are for sale sold with the Celsius name (particularly in Australia and New Zealand). We believe these are manufuctured by the Celsius Electric Industrial Corp of Shenzhen, China.
Clik here to visit their web site.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a machine that by reversing it's refrigeration cycle can provide heating in stead of cooling. Because a heat pump uses a refrigerant it can upgrade the heat in air at even -15ºC to a usable heat source to heat buildings. Difficult to understand perhaps but imagine a domestic fridge or freezer, reverse its cycle and that black grille on the back will be very cold whilst inside will be very hot.

Heat pumps can extract heat from air and water and are nearly always used to both heat and cool a building very efficiently and economically.

What is VRV or VRF?

VRV is a system developed and designed by Daikin Industries and means "variable refrigerant volume". Daikin protected the term VRV so other manufacturers such as Mitsubishi use the term VRF "variable refrigerant flow". In principle they both work the same and are extremely efficient, reliable, energy saving ways to heat and cool all types of buildings with minimum installation time or disruption.

The volume or flow rate of refrigerant is accurately matched to the required heating or cooling loads thereby saving energy and providing more accurate control.

In short, they are probably the best systems currently available for mid to large applications.

If you have any requests for other information which you feel may be useful please do not hesitate to email us with your suggestions.