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Standard PAR 21 Remote Controller

The City Multi system is supported by a multitude of remote controllers. Each remote controller type, whilst being able to support the general control and monitoring functions for a group of indoor units, can also offer other unique operational features.


G50 Remote Controller

The G50 centralised controller is the first of its kind in the industry to utilise Internet Technology.

By using Internet Explorer as its local or remote software, the G50 gives you instant access to all your control functions from the comfort of your own PC.

The G50 can control up to 50 indoor units and can take the place of local remote controllers, offering the same level of monitoring and control.

The G50 has many functions as standard but can also have further
features activated via Pin Codes.

The optional TG2000 centralised PC based graphical software package allows the operator to control and monitor up to a maximum of 2000 indoor units.This software has been designed to connect directly to a City Multi or Mr Slim system
via G50 controllers, allowing the operator all the required functionality to control and monitor the complete air conditioning system from a central location. In addition to providing a centralised control facility, the TG2000 allows complete energy consumption data to be logged with user definable billing groups and electrical tariffs for billing purposes.

G50 controllers can be combined with Mitsubishi Electric Programmable Logic Controllers allowing the user to interlock the air conditioning system with external digital signals. By utilising an open network architecture Mitsubishi Electric have provided a simple, flexible and user definable means to interlock our air conditioning units with the likes of card-key readers, passive infra-red devices, window contacts, over-ride switches, door access etc, allowing cost effective integration within a building environment.

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