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Mitsubishi M Series - Wall Mounted


Wall mounted

The MSZ & MSC high level wall mounted system has been completely re-designed and comes equipped with a wide-angle airflow system as well as an automatic swing vane, allowing airflow to be extended to every corner of the room. This unit has extremely quiet sound levels, whilst also delivering economical air conditioning, with improved EER figures and corresponding energy labels.

Two types of wall mounted systems are available:

MSZ - This is an inverter heat pump capable of heating and cooling. Available in a range of nominal capacities from 2.2kW to 7.1kW

MSC - This is a fixed speed cooling only or heat pump system. Available in a range of nominal capacities from 2.5kW to 6.5kW

For more information - please click on the following links to download the relevant pdf files:

product information

MSZ-inverter heat pump Product Information
MSC-fixed speed cooling only Product Information
MSC-fixed speed heat pump Product Information

operating instructions

MS(H)-GA50-60VB Operating Instructions
MSC-GA25-35VB Operating Instructions
MSZ-GA22-35VA Operating Instructions
MSZ-GA50-71VA Operating Instructions